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Time on portugal and the events of 11th-12th of may 2017.

This blog mentions the time and events that happened on 12.5.2017 and recapping on some events that happened before the 12th and it is on the perspective of Ridvan Dalkilic.
 Yes , its a long write but buckle up:
'' 11th of May, 2017.
It was a sunny day as I woke up. as for the couple of days, I have been waking up ''late'' as the teachers and other students have already had their breakfast. one of the teachers suggested his nutritional ways of eating a breakfast, out of wonder, I asked about his morning breakfast, it was nicely mixed with fresh fruits and yogurt, out of that, became my new breakfast routine. as I sat down to eat my breakfast , i was thinking of the previous night of the parade that happened in Aveiro with the students marching on the streets to celebrate there graduation , drinking untill the booze was left to try and chanting in portugesse, as i was baffled by such an event , i did notice some of the students crying out of there accompishment , holding on to there classmates or partners for comfort. that night it was raining and damp but yet that weather failed to dampen the spirits of the students. As the students where spewing beer over the steets and marching, teachers and the other students where looking into going inside a bar , above all the bars around central of Aveiro , the teachers found the most Finnish bar imaginable , damp and dark like that rainy day , minimum lighting , and rock and roll playing on the speakers, i did chuckle at the idea of it but ones thinking patterns can not be changed. So i go in the bar ordering a can of fanta becasue i dont like the idea of drinking an alcoholic bevrage, But for the sake of being a team player , i proceeded anyway. 
after the teachers where done drinking some of the local micro brewery beer and some of my class mates, they had a brilliant idea of following the sounds of teen anxiaty of screaming and shouting so they could join and have a wonderful conversations with some of the finnish people who happen to move to portugal and live there. After some time with the rain and cold wind blowing and some of the teachers chuckling and drinking beer , Our classmate was getting pissed off and rightfully so i would say. but while one of our classmates temper was rising , i was bored  and started to '' talk '' ( but really i would say i was jibbering non-sense at the fellows who where finnish who was going to the same univercity as the shouting students ) and trying my hardest to get him laugh and have some sort of social interaction with him , alas , my futile attempts did not bare any fruit i would say. so after departing the conversation in an akward manner , the fellow started to retalk with the teachers.
As i strew away from one fellow , i met with 2 more chaps that where finnish also , one looked like he was a confirmed bachular. This kind of disrupted me but not to the point where it would disgust me. after he exchanged eye contact with the fellow with his big blue eyes as he stared back at me with disrupting face figure. As few minutes passed , He became not distupting at all. he was silent and chuckling along with the teachers. As for his parter on the other hand , i may presume that he had a few extra more than enough to drink. But as i tried to talk with my non-sense no so funny jibbering that made no sense at all with these fellows , the teachers where quickly to intersept me and stop the bibblical talking before it made there situation more wierd. After that moment passed by , I was nothing but a mindless sheep , walking mindlessly around the campus and was left to my own thoughts. a few moments passed by and my alpha-beta male started to come out. i asked one of the teachers if i should '' take off my T-shirt and scream nonsense to the air so i could arract a nano second of the parading students attention '' the mistake i made was aking that question while the teachers where drinking beer, but he's answer was an encouraging one. So as any bored induvidual person in there 20's surrounded by drinking students who where ripping papper machese that reprisented some sort of political agenda or the representation of there class that the students made and was attached to a cart thats been pulled by a truck or a tractor during the entire parade and then be gladly ripped apart to further there political agentda followed by more crying and anxiaty , i felt like words of encouragement was needed to the students who where ripping the carbord and paper figure , as these following words came out of my mouth '' YEAH! rip that cardbord and paper and show them who is boss'' then i began to ponder that through there achivement of graduating , the only thing that they will ever own or dominate is a paper figue or mache of Donald Trump witch they been ripping apart, As the portugeese students swing half-drunken punches of a non living figure , it was sad to see such dispare of confusion that they displayed. few moments pass by and the teachers had enough to drink one of my classmate ( bless him that day ) reached his boiling point , like a true kin of the finns , he was pissed off in the most finnish way , with quick few bursts of cussing followed by the weather being horroble , followed by more the most finnish angry stare , And thank god his soul , without him , we could have been there a few more minites , went and damp and some drunk people. as we parted ways ,The encouragement that the teacher layed on me in a previous conversation , had me in full swing effect , As i, pulled up my T-shirt and shouted '' OH YEAH PAPPI '' , by doing so , it freaked out the students for a brief nano second of a moment followed by strange looks , as i quickly sprinted out of that scene that i screaming those words, futher way from the other carts as i aproched another cart with 2017 boomy music playing , my inner alpha-beta male was in full effect as it was followed by me , taking off my T-shirt enirely , and swinging my T-shirt in the air , with the rain pouring down and the cold wind blowing , i then preceeded to shout ''YEEEEHAWWW'' like an drunken american uncle at a german drinking festival.  For a brief moment , they reconzied me as there own , i felt accepted ones in portugal, like i was a part of there kin, then a few moments pass and then they look at me and ask this very same question  , who are you and what are you doing? as a momnet later , i was rejected from that very same group that reconized me and one of the students was waving his hand side ways , indicating that i should be gone from that scene, and so i bolted out from that scene and talking his advice , as i was futher way enough , a police patrol unit shows up as i was putting my T-shirt back on , i can only imagin what was going through that mans mind. 
as the rest of my class mates , they cought on to me with no questions to be asked.
As we wabble back to the teachers car , and drove back to the place that we where staying, As i prep for bed , i asked myself this question , was it worth it? all that rain and beer , was it worth it going out side ? as a few little of my class mates know this , my enitre objective in the 11th f may 2017 was to pick up portugeese chicks. Out of that rain and alcholic confussion , all i ever wanted was a cold but mild warmth of a girls touch and to express my loneliness and my compassion. As the best T-shirt i swong around has been wet and the best trousers that i wore that night has been drenched with beer and rain water from top to bottom. I even talked to one of my friends over the phone about his tips of picking up the ''chicks'' and all he suggested me was ''going with the flow''. but alas , nothing worked, that night , my 20th year old self couldnt been more crushed by his hormones filled dreams, the dream of that night was laying on the floor as a former self of its ones full shape. Indeed , i slept like an unhappy camper. '' 

Ridvan Dalkilic, 12th of may , 2017 
'' as i woke up as a unhappy camper , i proceeded to eat my fruit mixed mysil  and eat some toast.
One of the teachers had an idea of walking around the neighbourhood that we are starying. i took up on his offer and we began to walk , we arrived at a random place in the little portugeese suburb , and then i began to ask a question , i asked '' would any one care to walk with me to all the way to the Aveiro center? '' it was met with negative response. So we agreed on walking back to the place that we where staying. as i put on my AKG Y50 headphones on and walk back to the villa with the rhythm , i lost myself in the music and didnt notice my suuroundings and where i was walking, then few moments later , i relized that i have walked past the villa, So in a sort of a selfish act , i walked about 7 km to the aveiro shopping mall. One of the teachers clamed that the shopping malls where  closed but through my walking , i proved his assumtion to be wrong , but never the less , any one can make such an assumtion given the fact that it was a national holiday after the parade, such an assumtion could have been made by me as well. Ones i arrived , i proceeded to call the teacher and tell him of my location. After drinking some water , i proceeded to the internals of the shopping mall and noticed a movie theater , went inside and watched Guardians of the galaxy vol.2 , good movie in my opinion. looked around the shops and did some window shopping , while window shopping , i noticed one of the teachers walking around, Now the best part about that is that he didnt notice me, So in a child like manner , i sneaked upon him and gave him a scare , ofcorse he's reaction was the same as almost any ones in this situation. But after that ordeal we hung out in the shopping center in aveiro and went back home and ate and slept. ''

The end!

Writers notes ( Ridvans notes ) : For me to able to complete this blog , it took me some time becasue of IRL events. but after few days of pauses and using teachers laptop , its finnaly written. I did enjoy writing this , and feel free to currect my spelling mistakes as some times i do not know how to spell some words currectly or type mosestly fast. but above that ,
i have nothing more to add than i want to share a link to one of my favorite musicians , He is known by many names but he is called MF DOOM , and you should check him out :-D.

Thanks for reading and i would like to thank the EU and the portugal goverment and the Finnish goverment for providing me with this chance.

bai bai :)

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